Jake Robertson on Pygmalion

Hey there! The name’s Jake, and I have the esteemed pleasure of creating Professor Henry Higgins’ of Pygmalion on the proud PST stage.  As a guest artist, I jumped late into a team that had already bonded over weeks of exhausting yet invigorating theater work.  Unlike these courageous artists, who have to juggle the entire PST season in their brains (4 MainStage productions, a children’s show, as well as workshop programming), my sole task was to put my every effort into bringing the eccentric, eclectic, neurotic, charming, alarming, sensitive and senseless Henry Higgins to life. 

The mission was daunting, but luckily I knew I had the brilliant artists of the PST ensemble at my side and the passionate and sagacious mind of director R. N. (Bob) Sandberg leading the charge.  Bob and I go way back—in fact, I have done more theater work with him than any other director I’ve known.  From Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya to Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive to my one-man acting thesis Madman/Robertson, an actor-director collaboration was forged, for which I am supremely grateful.  Bob and I discussed at length our ideas about who Higgins was in the context of his greater vision for the piece—he told me that in fact it was Higgins’ transformation that was the most fundamental throughout the course of the play.  Our mission was to tackle this transformation by finding the moments of realism within Higgins’ story.  He could be easily played as a caricature of the eccentric genius, but we decided that he was, rather, a socially awkward, often childish man, scared very much of his own feelings. 

And so, our production—set as a memory play in which Higgins relives his past with Eliza—serves as the means by which this insecure and co-dependent momma’s boy-genius grows up and learns to confront his world and his self in a mature and responsible way. 

Come see an unbelievable cast and crew bring a little heart to the inimitable mind of George Bernard Shaw!

All My Best,


Bits Sola on Pygmalion

Hi there! My name is Bits Sola. This is my first summer here at PST, and goodness me what a wild ride it has been! A recent graduate of Princeton’s class of 2015, I majored in Italian with a certificate in Theater. I'm so very excited to be a part of the team here at PST.

Working on Pygmalion over the past couple of weeks has been a blur of dialect coaching and costume skirts, with laughs and hard work going into each and every rehearsal. A total change of pace from our ensemble piece Metamorphoses, this show has caused us to live in a different kind of theater space.

Pygmalion is a play of intellect and ideas: the characters are as much representatives of a way of life, of a socio-economic class, as they are individuals in their own right. Of course, to some degree all characters in all plays must be a combination of both idea and human being in order to be accessible; human beings are products of situations and interactions, but Shaw tells the story of English society in a uniquely poignant manner. Perhaps the most important part of this process has been trying to understand the delicate balance between caricature and reality, between the superficial differences and those that run more deeply, from one character to the next. 

And what is there to say about the boisterous and enigmatic Eliza Doolittle? I've certainly had my hands full these past two weeks working to decipher the inner life of this complex woman. So far I’ve found the process to be hugely fulfilling and challenging, on both an emotional and intellectual level. Luckily I've had the whole team here to help me, and I am confident this ensemble will be able to tell yet another dynamic story on stage over the next few weeks. 

Do come along, governors!


PST Continues with the Razor-Sharp Pygmalion

Pygmalion, the second show of Princeton Summer Theater’s 2015 season, opens tomorrow at the Hamilton Murray Theater on Princeton University’s Campus. This timeless comedy by George Bernard Shaw is a sharply funny commentary on class, gender, and what it means to be true to yourself.

This vibrant and hilarious new production adapted and directed by Princeton lecturer in Theater and English R. N. Sandberg highlights the battle of wits and wills between Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle. Speech professor Henry Higgins makes a bet that he can transform cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle from a low-class nobody to the toast of society at an upcoming garden party. He soon realizes, however, that this feat might not be so easily accomplished; Eliza has strong opinions of her own, and she is prepared to fight Henry every step of the way on her transformation from street urchin to sophisticated duchess. The inspiration for the musical My Fair Lady, the story of Pygmalion has captivated audiences for decades. 

Starring guest artist Jake Robertson as Henry Higgins and Princeton Summer Theater company member Bits Sola as Eliza Doolittle. Also featuring Ross Barron (Pickering), Maeve Brady (Mrs. Higgins), Sarah Cuneo (Mrs. Eynsford Hill) Caroline Hertz (Mrs. Pearce/Miss Eynsford Hill), Kanoa Mulling (Freddy Eynsford Hill), and Evan Thompson (Mr. Doolittle).

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Princeton University lecturer in Theater and English R.N. Sandberg. Opens Friday, July 3. Performances run July 3-5, 8-12, and 16-19. Thursday-Saturday at 8pm, Saturday and Sunday at 2pm. Wednesday, July 8th at 8pm. Special talkbacks with the cast follow every Friday evening performance: join us on July 4th after the 2pm matinee for a reception with hoagies by Hoagie Haven!

Tickets are $27.50 for general admission, $22 for students and matinees. We also offer season subscriptions for only $60 (a 30% discount!), which ensures a reserved seat for each of our three remaining main stage shows this season. To order tickets, visit or call the PST box office at 1-732-997-0205.


Photo captions:

  • Pyg1: Bits Sola (L) as Eliza Doolittle and Jake Robertson (R) as Henry Higgins in a scene from Pygmalion, opening tomorrow at the Hamilton Murray Theater.
  • Pyg2: From right to left: Ross Barron as Pickering, Bits Sola as Eliza Doolittle, Jake Robertson as Henry Higgins, and Evan Thompson as Mr. Doolittle in a scene from Pygmalion. 
  • Pyg3: Jake Robertson as Henry Higgins in a rehearsal for Pygmalion.
  • Pyg4: From right to left: Sarah Cuneo as Mrs. Eynsford Hill, Jake Robertson as Henry Higgins, Caroline Hertz as Miss Eynsford Hill, Kanoa Mulling as Freddy Eynsford Hill, and Bits Sola as Eliza Doolittle.


Our 46th season

We could not be more thrilled to introduce PST's 46th season -- a series of four challenging, engaging, and entertaining plays.

This year’s season will focus on themes of adaptation and myth, exploring how stories are retold and passed down through time. It is a season that celebrates the magic and relevance of these myths for today. This season not only shows a timelessness to problems of love and relationships, but it also explores the power of these stories to move us to the depths and peaks of human emotion, to sorrow and to laughter.  We can't wait to share these stories with you!

In addition to our four main stage shows, PST also will present its annual Children's Show and a series of Young Artists' Workshops. Stay tuned for more information on our children's programming!