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Bits Sola on Pygmalion

Hi there! My name is Bits Sola. This is my first summer here at PST, and goodness me what a wild ride it has been! A recent graduate of Princeton’s class of 2015, I majored in Italian with a certificate in Theater. I'm so very excited to be a part of the team here at PST.

Working on Pygmalion over the past couple of weeks has been a blur of dialect coaching and costume skirts, with laughs and hard work going into each and every rehearsal. A total change of pace from our ensemble piece Metamorphoses, this show has caused us to live in a different kind of theater space.

Pygmalion is a play of intellect and ideas: the characters are as much representatives of a way of life, of a socio-economic class, as they are individuals in their own right. Of course, to some degree all characters in all plays must be a combination of both idea and human being in order to be accessible; human beings are products of situations and interactions, but Shaw tells the story of English society in a uniquely poignant manner. Perhaps the most important part of this process has been trying to understand the delicate balance between caricature and reality, between the superficial differences and those that run more deeply, from one character to the next. 

And what is there to say about the boisterous and enigmatic Eliza Doolittle? I've certainly had my hands full these past two weeks working to decipher the inner life of this complex woman. So far I’ve found the process to be hugely fulfilling and challenging, on both an emotional and intellectual level. Luckily I've had the whole team here to help me, and I am confident this ensemble will be able to tell yet another dynamic story on stage over the next few weeks. 

Do come along, governors!


Meet Caroline!

Hey everyone! My name is Caroline Hertz, and I'm a proud member of the recently graduated Princeton class of 2015. As this is my first summer as company member, it's been a wonderfully insane few weeks getting acclimated to the way things work here at PST. A little bit about me: Originally, I hail from a little semi-rural town in Virginia, and I've spent every summer for as long as I can remember doing theater in some capacity. At Princeton, I studied English and Theater - my acting thesis was Paula Vogel's How I Learned to Drive - and I plan to pursue a career in acting. In addition to my identity as an actor, I'm also an avid horseback rider and a poet. Back in Virginian horse country, I spend a lot of my time training horses and writing embarrassing Facebook poetry.

Now that we've closed our first show of the season - Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses - our company is eager to fully immerse ourselves in the equally splashy, ridiculous, and prim world of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. I have the absolute pleasure of playing both Mrs. Pierce (Henry Higgins's housekeeper) and Clara Eynsford-Hill. Early on in the process, I made the choice to vocally differentiate my characters by giving Mrs. Pierce a Scottish brogue. As a result, a huge part of my character work for both roles has been dialect-related. It's been an incredibly exacting and challenging process, but a very rewarding one as well!

When this summer comes to a close, I plan to take the next year or so for myself to prepare for MFA program auditions. It looks like I'll be working in theater administration in Philadelphia and using the weekends to audition for regional theater companies in the area. PST has been a fantastic transition between the world of college theater and the world of professional theater. Here within the walls of the Hamilton-Murray Theater, I'm learning all about how to be a member of a company of actors, how to budget myself on an actor's salary, and how to take care of my voice and body so that I can successfully carry out performances every weekend. And when, in a few short weeks, I officially enter the world of professional theater, I'll wear my experiences here at PST as a badge of honor.

Here's hoping that all of you are having a lovely, relaxing summer! See you at the theater,


Meet Maeve!

Company member Maeve Brady returns for a third year with Princeton Summer Theater!

Company member Maeve Brady returns for a third year with Princeton Summer Theater!

Hello!!! My name is Maeve Brady, and this is my third summer as a company member here at PST! I just graduated from Princeton with a degree in Psychology and a certificate in Theater, and I am so glad that my first job post-grad is back here at PST.

This season we start off with Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses, a wonderful adaptation of Ovid's collection of myths by the same name. Rehearsals started as soon as the summer began --  we even had a read through of the script and began discussing ideas for the production before the year here on campus had officially ended. I knew from that first read through that this was going to be a challenging, invigorating, and exhilarating process, and so far I have not been disappointed. Within the first three days of rehearsal we did a stumble through of almost the entire show.

This is a type of fast-paced, physical storytelling that I am not all that used to, but I've loved diving in with my fellow actors knowing that we're all in this together.  Now that we are moving to our rehearsal space in New South while our beautiful set is being built, it's time to focus on polishing what we have created so we have a finished product to show you in less than two weeks!!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you there!