An Interview with the Director of Tick, Tick...Boom!

Director Victoria Davidjohn shares her thoughts on Tick, Tick...Boom!  


What is the show about to you? "As an audience, Jonathan Larson means a lot to us. He revolutionized what music genres Broadway could handle, he opened the door to hard and ignored subjects, he gave many underrepresented stories a voice. Before that happened, however, he was an unsuccessful, frustrated, and anxious human (and artist). Tick, Tick, Boom...! is the story of life before success, and a reminder of what the combination of hard work, determination, and a dream can accomplish." 


What about the show resonates most with you? "I want to pursue a career in theater post graduation, and the question I get most often from adults in my life and teachers in my university is "are you sure you want to be doing this?" To me, I felt like all of the experiences I have garnered throughout my life could be put to use most effectively in a rehearsal room, so the answer is always "Yes!" Even so, its emotionally tasking to have everyone around you doubt your choices. Tick, Tick, Boom...! has and keeps serving as a blueprint for what life might be like for the next five, ten years -- it is always a comfort and a gift to hear the hard stories of those whom we respect for their contribution to theater." 

What do you like most about working on this production and with the cast? "My cast is truly incredible. They are some of the most imaginative, open, unafraid and willing human beings I have ever met. They are fearless in the best way, and that energy is exuded every time they take on these characters. I'm so lucky."