Maeli Goren on Metamorphoses

I grew up on Greek mythology the way some kids grew up on The Simpsons, so naturally I was thrilled to be asked to direct Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses at PST this summer.  These stories taught me all kinds of useful things.  I learned about forgiveness from Eros and Psyche.  Orpheus taught me about art's relationship to loss and death.  Baucis and Philemon helped me recognize the infinite possibilities of love.  These stories help light the dark and winding corridors of human experience with compassion, scope, and imagination.  The chance to share them with others and to explore them with the absolutely fabulous PST 2015 company has been a gift.  

As an ensemble, we have had to work hard to maintain a constant collaborative spirit as we approached a text that is usually remembered 

for the enormous pool of water onstage in the iconic original production at the Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago.  As you will see, we decided to ditch the pool in favor of a grown-up surrealist playground that shifts and changes along with the stories we present.  This production aims to be simple, vulnerable, elegant, innovative, and humorous as Zimmerman's text.  With a few faded bedsheets, six chairs, seven hula hoops, five buckets, original music, some surprise tricks up our sleeves, and six actors who have given all of themselves to this process, I hope this play can ignite your imagination the way it ignites mine.  We look forward to sharing with you!

Tickets for Metamorphoses can be purchased using Tixato, our user-friendly ticketing service, or by calling the box office at 1-(732) 997-0205.