Donors to Princeton Summer Theater 2019

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to make this season possible. Your generosity enables us to provide a nurturing environment for young artists and an exciting artistic resource to the Mercer County community.


Lotus Separations, LLC

Geoff and Koni Rich


Shirley M. Tilghman


Simon VR Bateson

Marvin Harold Cheitn

Bruce and Ellen Kemp

Karin Kraml

 Myra and Van Zandt Williams, Jr.


James Amick

Kathy and Charlie Beach

Karen I. Blu

Bennevich-Michalowski Family

 Tony and Julie Capozzoli

Michael Cilino

Patricia Donohue

Marlaine Lockheed & Steve Frakt

Nancy Hodges

Carol E. Hoffman

Jock McFarlane

Hella and Scott McVay

Grace R. Mele

The Olkin Family

Marcia Snowden

Barbara Tomlinson

Lee and Melinda Varian


Maurice Harding

Harvard-Radcliffe Summer Theater

Beverly Kestenis

Ms. Sandra I. Rabinowitz

David Schoenberg

Fran & Marty Siederer

John A. Sunkiskis

Fran Zeitler & Fred Edelman